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Positive stories of innovation in
business, industry and the STEM fields in Africa

Welcome to WiredUp.


We are a publishing platform for extraordinary stories about African changemakers, ground-breakers and torch-bearers. We highlight the accomplishments of leaders in industry, STEM and innovation.


Their stories are the backbone of Africa’s narrative- its challenges at a local and global level, its homegrown solutions, and the impact of the continent’s remarkable development.

Anne Chisa is the founder and host of a podcast called "The root of science podcast".
Clive Jabangwe is a Zimbabwean and a Ph.D. student in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Porto
Adebayo Adebori, a STEAM Educator from Nigeria
Bonaventure Dossou, a Beninese Master's student in Data Engineering at Jacobs University Bremen
Edzai Conilias Zvobwo - Founder of MathsGenius Leadership Institute, the Education Support Forum, and NdiribhoTV
Arinaitwe Rugyendo - Founder of The Africa School of Innovations, Science, and Technology (ASIST)
Abiodun Odunayo Sekinat - Nigerian Geologist and Mining Consultant
Great ROI: Africa’s tech sector is rising to the challenge and developing global solutions

About Us

We are conscious of the fact that Africa, like all continents, faces issues such as disease, poverty, corruption and underdevelopment. This facet of our continent has been exhaustively captured and shared by mainstream media across the world.


The good news is, Africa has risen beyond “potential”. Therefore, our narrative must be expanded.

Its reality not only speaks of a continent that births great musicians and sports stars; African scientists, engineers, tech experts, mathematicians, business and industry leaders, and innovators in various fields are leapfrogging solutions to global issues.


WiredUp’s mission is to tell their extraordinary stories.

Proudly African

We are unapologetic about showing the positive aspects of our beautiful continent. We actively promote African stories of success and triumph despite the odds. We are committed to balancing the narrative scales.

Our Impact

Africans celebrating their own accomplishments and a truer narrative for a complex continent.

Sitting on Balcony

Share what you have done that is WiredUp Worthy, and we could feature you here.

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