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About Us

The mission of WiredUp is to provide a platform for positive stories that showcase the spearheading of the development of Africa by people of African descent through innovation, specifically in business development, industry and STEM in order to drive a change in the global narrative of Africa.

WiredUp is a publishing channel that provides a platform for positive stories of innovation in business, industry and the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields in Africa with the aim of filling a gap in Africa’s portrayal in mainstream and African media- the channel showcases professionals and innovators working and investing in Africa, solving African and global challenges one discovery, business and innovation at a time.

The need for WiredUp arose from extensive research and experience in communications, media and business consulting, which led to the realisation there is a clear lack of coverage of innovators in business, industry and STEM fields in Africa in the mainstream and African media. The WiredUp team’s aim is to create a solution to fill this gap. 

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