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Abiodun Odunayo Sekinat - Nigerian Geologist and Mining Consultant

Founder of Tanikes Corporate World Ltd

Abiodun Odunayo Sekinat is a Geologist and Mining consultant with 7 years of working experience in the Nigerian Mining Industry. Her Firm, Tanikes corporate World Ltd is a Nigerian-based Mining Consultancy Firm that provides mining solutions such as Mineral Explorations, Mineral Title Acquisition, Environmental Assessments, and Mining Investment Guidance. Sekinat prides itself in delivering prompt solutions and results.



  • As a lady in the Mining Industry, a “male-dominated” industry, gender has always been a barrier, and breaking through that barrier is a goal for me.

  • What you know and your ability to produce a result is paramount. Once you can achieve that and break that Gender ground you can smoothly forge ahead.


  • Abiodun Odunayo Sekinat has a 2 year plan to grow her company. She also plans to create a training center for women and students to learn about opportunities in the solid minerals mining sectors.

  • She wants to create opportunities for women to learn in order to enhance their ability to compete within the market. The training center will be subsidised in order to make it affordable to as many people as possible.


  • She hopes her present, and future, success will inspire other women in mining Nigeria and enable them to see that there are a lot of possibilities for them. She hopes to inspire courage to walk that path as well. Women are capable of so much more.

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Saleh Lami
Saleh Lami
Jun 01, 2021

The sky will be your limit


Justine Onyedum
Justine Onyedum
Jun 01, 2021

Miss Odunayo has always been a go-getter. It's no surprise the feat she's been able to accomplish with her company

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