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Adebayo Adebori - Nigerian

STEAM Educator

With about a decade of experience in various capacities in the education sector, from primary to tertiary levels, Adebayo Adebori’s interests span Social Emotional Learning, STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) and inclusive education with a particular emphasis on developing excellence in school leadership and working with teachers to increase their competence and productivity through professional development training.

In addition to leading the team at EduWin Consults, a social enterprise he co-founded with the aim of strengthening the school system in Africa in order to transform the future of learning, he is also a part-time Mathematics lecturer at a college of education in Nigeria and a faculty member of a leading educational technology company in Africa. He is an alumnus of Teach for Nigeria and a pioneer of the Empatico Kindness Champion Fellowship, an initiative of the KIND Foundation in New York, USA.


Adebayo Adebori’s work at Teach for Nigeria has exposed him to the challenges and the level of educational inequity that the majority of Nigerian children are experiencing. The growing unemployment rate in Nigeria is also a major source of concern, as artificial intelligence is taking over the available jobs while the available graduates are not equipped with robotics and STEM skills.


  • In the wake of COVID-19 in Nigeria, he started an initiative named Adebayo Adebori and Friends, intended to resolve these problems and to leverage collaboration in developing the Africa of our dreams.

  • They organised STEAM and Scratch Programming training for about 300 educators and students (in 2 cohorts) across seven (7) countries in Africa.


Some of the trainees are currently developing their skills in various areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). His initiative also motivated a renewed interest in humanitarian development and in a class with a literacy rate of less than 15%, he was able to achieve a 60% literacy rate in six (6) months. He is currently working as an educational consultant in the professional development of teachers, technology integration, and transforming the future of learning through EduWin Consults.

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