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Anne Chisa - Malawian

Founder and host of a podcast called "The root of science podcast"

Anne Chisa is a self-starter, motivated, and natural leader. She is passionate about education. And with her own background in agricultural science, she has passion for science and for exposing the many wonderful careers and opportunities that are available in the STEM field.

She founded and host a podcast called "The root of the science podcast" that seeks to promote Africans all over the world in STEM field.


They address the challenge of Africans who are in STEM fields and give them the opportunity to tell their stories about their research or projects in their own voice

to increase the number of Africans in STEM.

Solution and Impact

  • The purpose of the podcasts is to highlight people who are in the STEM field and give them the opportunity to tell their stories in their own voice (literally) about their research or projects.

  • Bringing the podcasts into mainstream media, inspire others to get into STEM as well as those who are already in the field to persevere and strive for more after hearing about the prospects available from my guests.

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