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David Ogunshola - Nigerian Entrepreneur

Updated: May 18, 2021

STEAM Educator and Trainer, Co-Founder of SchoolX, Kids Code Academy, Learnify Labs Limited, and Brainy Hive Schools.

David is a Nigerian Entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder of SchoolX, and a STEAM Educator and Trainer. He has a background in Computer Science, and more than 10 years experience in building software and web applications. He is the lead engineer at Daveshoope Webmasters and is the co-founder of Learnify Labs Limited, an EdTech company that builds software solutions for learning and school administration.


  • How to ensure that students from so-called “third world countries” are equipped with the relevant creative and technical skills from their early learning years.


  • Co-founded Brainy Hive Schools (a K-6 school) in 2014.

  • David focuses on teaching creative and technical skills that will equip students for the future.

  • He provides data based consulting and advisory services. He specialises in organizational management, with a particular interest in Boards and Non-Profits.


  • Equips students from so-called “third world countries” with creative and technical skills from their early learning years in order to increase their global competitiveness.

  • Through his work with Brain Hive Schools, David has been able to encourage young kids to code virtually (meaning they can learn from anywhere). The school now has more than 300 pupils. He has a passion for STEM Education in Primary & Secondary schools. He is also the founder of Kids Code Academy in Uyo, Nigeria.

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