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Doris Myers - Liberian

Founder and Executive Director of Liberians Encouraging Students in Science and Technology, LESSAT

Doris Myers is the Founder and Executive Director of Liberians Encouraging Students in Science and Technology, LESSAT. Established in 2013, LESSAT is a not-for-profit organization. She previously served as an architectural drafting teacher at the George Weah Vocational Training Center and the Sustainable Development Initiative (SUDA). She has more than 10 years of experience in development, research, and local community organization. Doris is currently pursuing her Bachelor in Civil Engineering at the Stella Maris Polytechnic in Liberia. She also holds a diploma in Architectural Drafting from the Booker Washington Institute, BWI Liberia. As a STEM ambassador, she has inspired many female students to consider careers in STEM.


Preparing the next generation of scientists, technicians, and innovators for careers in Science, Technology, and Innovation fields across Africa; especially Liberia.


At LESSAT, they have developed a comprehensive learning process that integrates strong professional development programs for teachers, and student enrichment activities - including training, mentoring, and presentations at science workshops, conferences, and participation in science and engineering fairs, etc.


LESSAT has excelled in community development projects. Between 2014 -2017 the organisation developed a STEM INNOVATION Program that reached 200 people per year.

  • This can be broken down into 100 high school students, 50 teachers, and 50 college students. After the program, 73% of high school students reported knowing what STEM stands for as compared to only 32% on the pre-program survey. Ninety-six (96%) of high school students expressed interest in attending college after graduation and 88% of the college students said they are internally motivated to continue their studies in STEM.

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