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Dr. Kommy Weldemaria, Ethiopian

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Chief Scientist and Master Inventor (IBM Research - Africa Labs)


Dr. Weldemariam's interests lie in advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain for the purposes of solving Africa’s grand challenges, some of which comprise of trade logistics, and supply chain management in food ecosystems.


  • AI systems to combat ever-increasing complexity and scale of global problems in the areas of health and healthcare

  • Decision platform for small-scale farming, using data from diverse sources

  • Development of the Cognitive Learning Companion platform, a suite of capabilities supporting multiple modes of learning for teachers and learners


Dr. Kommy owns 65 patents for inventions such as an aerial drone for reducing livestock parasites and a cognitive baby pacifier. One of his most recent work is a patent that would provide real-time alert to users of devices in or near potentially dangerous circumstances.

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