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Ndeu Naukushu - Namibian

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Founder and CEO of Africa Productivity Specialists (APS)

Ndeu Naukushu is the Founder and CEO of Africa Productivity Specialists (APS), an operations and productivity improvement company that is implementing the Productivity Agenda for Africa. Ndeu developed Productivity 4.0, a framework embedded in the application of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies. It is aimed at institutionalizing productivity improvement in Africa at the continental, regional and national levels. Ndeu consults and advises corporates and governments in agile digital transformation. He was appointed by the African Union as the Agenda 2063 champion in recognition of the work he is doing in harnessing 4IR technology to advance productivity improvement.


The largest gap of productivity is encountered in Africa. The value-added per worker in Sub-Saharan Africa is 12 times less than that of a worker in the ‘industrialized world’. Africa does not have an institution that is responsible for coordinating and regulating productivity improvement standards on the continent.


  • Ndeu authored the Productivity 4.0 Manual for Africa, which shows how to achieve a quantum leap in productivity using strategic tools and methodologies, with a specific focus on education and agriculture.

  • He compiled the framework for the establishment of the SADC Regional Productivity Body.

  • APS, together with its partners, is developing a “smart borders” system that interlinks the African borders to enable “smart trade” as a tool to enhance the efficiency of AfCFTA and ensure that trade in Africa is efficient, productive, and cost-effective.

  • APS has partnered up to establish a Cyber Security Training Center in Namibia.


  • APS provides Digital Transformation consultancy for corporates using the Agile framework.

  • Ndeu conducted Productivity 4.0 Masterclass for the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and is in the process of developing a Productivity in Agriculture curriculum for them.

  • Ndeu conceptualized and published the Agenda 2063 Comic book.

WiredUp had a Q & A interview session with Ndeu Naukushu, the Founder and CEO of Africa Productivity Specialists (APS)

Tell me more about yourself – who is Ndeu Naukushu, what is your background?

Ndeu is a typical village-born African from Namibia, who is passionate about 4IR and its ability to propel Africa to become the global economic super power that it should be.

What sparked your passion for the STEM field?

Since I was a child, I could always remember being fascinated by science and technology. Being an avid reader from an early age, books combined with sci-fi movies, opened up worlds of possibilities that technology can enable. I was also fortunate enough to travel and experience many progressive nations that apply science and technology to improve citizens’ standard of living.

You have developed Industrial revolution (4IR) technologies within the STEM and aimed at institutionalizing productivity improvement in Africa at continental, regional, and national levels. Tell us more about some of these initiatives, and their impact.

  • One of our initiatives is creating the Productivity4.0 manual for Africa. This manual aims to equip Africans with the skills and tools that will enable African industries to take a quantum leap in productivity improvement.

  • Producing and distributing the Agenda2063 to 1 000 school children in South Africa and Namibia. The objective of the comic book initiative is to provide a children’s version of Agenda 2063; one which creates a visual representation of what Africa should look like by the year 2063.

  • Another of our initiatives is providing digital transformation consultancy to corporations and governments.

As an African who is passionate about improvement in Africa at continental, regional, and national levels through Industrial revolution (4IR) technologies, what challenges have you faced?

There are various challenges that I still continue to face, chief among them being:

  • Awareness about the 4IR and how we can harness it to improve economies.

  • Unnecessary political and administrative bureaucracy.

  • Lack of research and development (R&D).

How have you overcome, or are working to overcome some of these challenges?

  • We have developed more awareness strategies with regard to 4IR.

  • I tend to work with the private sector more as they generally have systems in place.

  • My focus is more on creating a digital and productivity ecosystem so that all stakeholders are able to better appreciate their role in it and the synergy.

What advice would you give to young people who are interested in the STEM field, especially when it comes to improvement in Africa at continental, regional and national levels through Industrial revolution (4IR) technologies?

At least 85% of the knowledge you require to succeed in life can be accessed with a smartphone and internet connection - use it. Do not depend on government for resources, rather organize yourself and collaborate.

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