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Regina Honu - Ghanaian Social Entrepreneur

Software Developer, Founder of Soronko Solutions, and Founder of Soronko Academy.

Regina Honu is a Ghanaian Social Entrepreneur and software developer. She is the founder of Soronko Solutions, a software development company in Ghana. In 2017, she opened Soronko Academy, the first coding and Human-centered design school for children and young adults in West Africa.


  • Debunking the mindset that women and girls cannot learn how to code, and/or how to create technology.

  • Convincing Parents to encourage girls to pursue skills in STEM.


  • Use of community outreach via the platforms like radio to disseminate information about technology and educate parents about why it is important to encourage children to pursue STEM.

  • Using local languages in STEM education in order to bridge the language barrier.

  • She founded Soronko solutions, Soronko Foundation, and Soronko Academy - organisations that actively champion her cause in the economic, development, and education spheres.


  • Regina started the Tech Needs Girls Ghana movement which aims to encourage more Ghanaian girls into studying technology-related courses. The movement is noted for teaching girls how to code.

  • She runs Soronko Academy, the first coding and human-centered design school in West Africa. The academy, in association with the Tech Needs Girls program, has trained over 3,500 girls in Ghana and Burkina Faso.

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